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World of Tanks

Showcasing a Tank revival company who maintain WWI and WWII Army vehicles for UK and Worldwide shows.


GPAD delivered a new selection of photographs to showcase the process and beauty behind these vehicles.

The client wanted a set of images as well as video assets to highlight the importance of their service and maintenance of WWI and WWII vehicles.

It’s very easy for people to recognise many of these vehicles from popular War movies, but being in a warehouse full of these machines was certainly an eye opener – not only to their prowess as man made machines, but also to their nature and destructive capabilities.

The client allowed us to see many of the processes behind bringing these vehicles back to life and explained how they were so vital to the history of not only the UK but most of the world.


Some of the highlight images

Below you’ll find a selction of images used by the client for online promotion of their shows, their heritage as well as physical publications.


With a new selection of images, highlighting the process behind the care and restoration of these historic vehicles, the client was able to receive additional funding and support to maintain their business.

They were also able to promote future events with a full range of photographs to document the intricate maintenance processes they tailor for each vehicle.

Photographs Used
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