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The Relax Factory

Creating a digital presence for an established Massage Therapist in the County of Kent, UK


Bringing to (digital) life an established Massage Therapists Services

Founded in 2020 by the Massage Therapist Alexandra Lucas after years of practice and certification within Kent and the city of London, the Relax Factory opens it’s doors to a wider range of clients and team members with this exciting new brand.

The Relax Factory was born from the idea that everyone deserves a level of care and treatment that can help restore not only their bodies but their minds. They endeavoured to build professional, fun and relaxing relationships with their clients, ensuring they stay happy, healthy and positive.



Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, this project had to pause before the final phase of completion. We were able to create a site for our client but unable to finalise filming some of the most crucial elements due to the inability to have close proximity to our filmed talent.

We hope that services such as these are able to continue before August and we will update this page when the project is complete.