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Only The Blind

Collaborative Visual Project

A collaborative visual project utilising the Signature Satin Wine Bomber Jacket by the clothing brand Only The Blind. Made for the Vertical Instagram platform to showcase this piece of apparel in the city of London.

The main focus was to highlight the Jacket within it’s city of origin, London. Myself and the talent set across the city to capture some of the iconic areas as well as the gritty streets after dark.

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Photography Highlights

Here’s some of the selects from the day’s shoot. All intended for the Instagram platform so formatted for a 9 x 16 ratio.

Colour Selection

This project was all about bringing out the colours of the Satin Wine Bomber and the typical shades you find within the city. From the greys of the concrete jungle to the oranges and purples of the city at night.

IGTV Video

The final part of this project was to piece together elements of the day into a vertical format video for IGTV. This included hyperlapses as well as timelapses to show the passage through the city as well as a horizontal scroll effect to intertwine the shots.

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