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Imperial Bar (formerly Bottega Bar)

The Brief

As this was a brand new cocktail & eatery venue with zero social or web presence, the brief was quite broad to say the least! Bottega Bar (now known as Imperial Bar) wanted to hit the local nightlife eco-system with a bang.

The town of Maidstone, Kent already had a wealth of bars, nightclubs and cocktail specific venues so making an impact in an already saturated market was key.

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Key Platforms of Focus

The photographic assets needed to cover webpages, social media accounts, Google Business Galleries as well as be flexible within Facebook Ad campaigns. The assets also needed to cover both beverages and a food selection within the eatery.


Focus on the Cocktails,Gins and Spirit Selection

What became quickly apparent was the venue’s desire to craft exceptional cocktails. No other local venue created such a vibrant and authentic cocktail mix, using fresh ingredients that were delivered daily. My main focus was to capture some of these majestic creations as well as the unique glassware that formed the foundations of each drink. Then move onto some of the Mid and top shelf Gin selections.


Establish Google Presence

With strong visuals taken of the focused offering of beverages, next up was establishing an online presence and ensuring the venue appeared in SERPs for key terms such as ‘cocktails Maidstone’.

Within a few days we had created and setup all elements of the Google Business listing and the venue was quickly receiving a large number of views, calls and exposure from the search engine. This inturn gave a significant boost to website visits and reservations.


Now forthe Food

As the venue’s focus was mainly beverages, they were smart to only offer a small range of food in their Lunch Menu. A smaller quantity on the menu allowed them to still match the superb quality of the Cocktails and add extra venue streams from the eatery upstairs.

Here’s some photographs taken to promote their eatery dishes as well as their High Tea Packages across webpages and social media platforms.

Images Taken for Project
Used for all assets
Hours for entire Project
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