What’s your Passion?


If you reside within the County of Kent (UK) or within the City of London, we’re on the lookout to feature new people and explore their passions.

This is a FREE process that allows us to document you and a hobby or interest that you love in a mixture of creative ways. We use these ‘mini creative adventures’ as a way of refining creative digital ideas/styles and we love meeting people who are open to share their passions!

It could be a short interview for our ‘Interview with an Instagrammer’ series, it could be a block of 9 posts on our Instagram feed. We are open to discuss what you’d like and happy to travel to the areas shown on the map below.

We’ve spent years practicing, learning, making mistakes and are slowly finding our style (and our feet)!

If you’re interested and open to the idea, use the contact FORM HERE.

GPAD-Meet Up With Us- Areas we travel


We have recently opened up submissions to the People & Passions page worldwide.

This allows our followers and web viewers from around the world to submit their passions, interests and hobbies to be shared on this site.

As we are restricted in who we can physically meet up with and document (currently based in the South East of the UK), we wanted a way to take in new submissions so we came up with the following system.




It’s very simple! Below you’ll find a link that will take you to a PDF. Within that file are all the details needed to submit.

We ask you to provide your answers to a Q & A. This covers many topics about your hobbies, interests, passions etc as well as asks other interesting questions about you for our viewers to read.

There are also details we need such as what we can and can’t share, to make sure that you’re comfortable with what should be on the page and what you’d prefer not to be public.

Then you’d need to supply us with some images of yourself and also some pictures of you doing what you love to do. The images should ideally surround your chosen passion/interest/hobby. The specifications and full details are all in the PDF.

We hope that you’ll check it out and we look forward to hearing from you.