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Kirsten Gonzalez: Band Member and Chef

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Meet Kirsten Gonzalez AKA KC

Kirsten was one of the first submissions we received that wasn’t focused within the realms of photography/videography and his passions are equally as fascinating.

He chatted to GPAD about how deep his passions run for cooking and being a musician and it’s a great tale. You’ll find out more in the Q & A down below, but before that, here’s a few images he supplied of him in his element:

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Q & A

Whenever possible, we try and get a quick Q & A with featured people, so we can delve a little deeper into their interests and passions. It’s also nice to find out more about new people you come across and get a feel of their past, their aspirations and some of the quirkiness that makes it all possible.

Here’s mine and KC’s chat together:

Hi! So, before we begin, what’s your name?

KC Gonzalez

Where are you currently based?

Any unusual or bizarre nicknames your known as?

Just KC however my legal name is quite the buzz! Kirsten as its spelled is usually a woman’s name here in the US, so you can imagine once people know my real name, they give you the once over. It can be quite fun when giving your credit card to pay for something.

What is your current occupation?

I’m a Chef.

What is your dream job/vocation?

To start my own restaurant or have my band play madison square garden.

If you could describe your favourite passion in one word, what would it be?


Let’s forget about the one word answer, what is your passion? Be as short or as detailed as you’d like.

To cook and eat is like breathing and walking to me. My Passion stems from deep within and when I’m cooking, I feel bliss!

What got you interested in this particular passion?

My Grandmother got me started in the kitchen real young, back in the Philippines.

Any particular ‘idols’ from your favourite passion? People that inspire you and motivate you?

What else gets you excited? Could be other passions, a hobby - anything you deem relevant?

I am also the lead singer/songwriter in my band – Sunday Brave. That’s another high I simply cant get enough of. Here’s a video of ours so you can have a listen:

Can you tell me about some brands/companies or products which you love?

Thrive market is so savy!

Amazon for the everyday. But, Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are something else!

In today’s world, we are constantly connected to apps, websites and so much more through social networks and smart phones. Which apps, websites etc do you use on a daily basis and why?

Facebook, for the sole purpose of engaging with fans and the schedule of the band.

Youtube – to connect and upload videos weekly.

Spotify to listen to all current music/podcasts daily.

What is something about yourself that you hope will change?

Hopefully nothing. I want to keep my passion a flame for as long as possible. If anything maybe to learn how to chill out a bit more.

What do you think about more than anything else?

How to keep smiling through everything that is happening.

What is your strongest sense? ) If you had to give one up, which would you choose and why?

Sense of smell. I’d give up my sense of touch for it. To be able to have a great sense of smell and taste is something sought after as a cook.

Do you tend to avoid conflict and confrontation or go towards it, head-on!?

I’m definitely a head on person! But I can read the room quite efficiently, sometimes I veer around it.

How do you FEED YOUR PASSION? (Things you get up to which involve your passion in some way, large or small)?

I cook for a living and I can often create at work and at home which fuels my creativity even more.

We’ve all got a past, full of highlights, low points and everything in between. If you had the power to go back in time and change one thing in your own past, what would it be?

Started YouTube 10 years ago and started my band 15 years ago! I’m currently 34 (in the year 2020).

What’s your favourite song right now?

Do any animals scare you? And if so, why?

Only the ones that can kill you 🙂

Are you a creature of habit or an adventurous soul?

I’m often explained as an A/B character. Sometimes I am habitual, other times I just want adventure!

Can you give us some examples of things that have ‘amazed’ you?

Cars – A fully built system capable of driving you to and from a destination – Amazing! Also a complete tool to live in if you should so choose. Lots of people take their vehicle for granted but I am always grateful for mine.

What’s a strange occurrence/‘thing’ you’ve experienced but have never (or rarely) shared with anyone?

Currently my left foot has a skin infection that led it to grow to the size of a Grapefruit! Completely random and I had to take time off work.

Which books/blogs are you currently reading/watching or planning to checkout?

I enjoy cooking channels/gaming channels more than anything. but recently I’ve dived deeply into Tech and PC YouTube channels and I’m loving it.

When making an entrance to a party/gathering, do you make your presence known? Do you slip in and look for someone you know? Do you sneak in quietly and find a safe spot to roost?

I tend to read the room first. If it’s a place where I know everyone, I’d probably make a ruckus! But if its somewhere not, I stay quiet and polite.

What are the top THREE qualities that draw you to someone? (doesn’t have to be sexually, more in terms of intrigue/interest etc).

Can look me in the eyes while we talk. Cleanliness. Being on time.

Ever find yourself singing or doing something a little ‘odd’ or out of the blue?

I sing songs quite often and also combine words an awful lot.

Like SWICK… Sweet and Sick!

What’s your all-time favourite place to visit?

There is a restaurant at the Mall nearby. It’s called Bourbon Street. They have a special where its just rice and chicken and vegetables. So simple but so damn good! Ive been going for over 14 years now!

Where would you like to visit in the future and why?

Spain/France/Portugal/Germany. Basically anywhere because I’ve only just recently gotten my US citizenship and I am now able to leave the country. Can’t tell you how that feels if you’ve never been in that same boat!

Have you got a favourite ‘all time’ movie?

Men in Black, the origional.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your Passions KC.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah, I’m a Chef/Musician and a hack of all trades. Let nothing get you down and keep on creating what you become addicted to!

Well said! And thanks again!

You’ll find KC’s links below if you want to listen to his music, watch his Vlogs or follow him on Instagram.

KC's YouTube
Sunday Brave (his band) on Facebook
KC's Instagram
Sunday Brave's Website
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