Last Updated January 25, 2021

Here at GPAD we take your safety very seriously and we want to reassure you that we want to make your creative project with us as safe and enjoyable as possible. With this in mind we have prepared the following guidance and information.

The UK is currently experiencing a public health emergency as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is critical to the GPAD team that we take all the necessary steps to ensure our safety as well as your own during our time working together.

We follow the guidelines Set Here and regularly adapt our strategy to be in line with legal UK requirements. There are not specific requirements set by the UK Government for photography/videography services so we adhere to both ‘Close Contact‘ business rules as well as ‘Performing Arts‘ rules set by the Government.

GPAD operates a risk management strategy that is under constant review. The information displayed below represents our most up to date advice to clients as well as our own freelancers.

These rules only apply to clients who have scheduled photography shoots or videography work with us, they do not apply to any web based work (which is all completed remotely with zero physical contact).

  • We now only hold meetings virtually via Skype or Zoom conference calls. We no longer have any face to face meetings with existing/potential clients and it will remain this way until UK restrictions reduce dramatically.
  • After tier 4 restrictions are reduced, when we arrive at your retail outlet/studio/hired area to begin crafting content, we will always:
  1. Have all our equipment cleaned and wiped down thoroughly before use (cameras/tripods/lighting/backdrops etc)
  2. Be wearing a face mask and have disposable gloves to put on when handling items/scene designs etc
  3. Have a full visor to wear over our face masks if our shots require close-up angles where we have to be within 2 metres of the filmed talent
  4. Be ready to scan your QR code if you’re using the NHS Test and Trace App
  5. Ensure that there is adequate ventilation in the area we will be working
  6. Ask that you have a recently cleaned toilet area for us to use
  7. Ensure there is room to move inside the area of work and that we have spacing when possible
  8. Check to make sure that anyone involved in the creative shoot is feeling well, suffering from no symptoms and has recently checked their temperature

Should you have any concerns about how we operate or wish to discuss your own needs which may make any of the points listed above difficult to adhere to, please Contact Us.

We apologise for the enhanced precautions but we believe in doing our part, the same as everyone else, to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and get all our lives back to normality.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,

Mark Freeman – GPAD.