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Go Pro After Dark (GPAD)

Welcome to GPAD (V2)

And we’re back! It’s many a few years since V1 of our site was live and kicking, and now we’re delighted to relaunch with a fresh look, higher quality portolio pages and more of a styled brand that we’ve desired since the early days of GPad’s conception.

If you’re new to the brand and are after a quick runthrough, here’s the key facts:

  • GPAD is first and foremost and exploratory brand that documents everyday people and their passions (hobbies and what they love doing). We do so by meeting with individuals who want to share their interests by means of photography, videography and Q & A styled sessions. This is a free service we provide to those who wish to take part, forming the backbone of this brand and allowing our small team to experiment with less common photographic and videographic techniques (that we can later apply to our client work).
  • Speaking of client work, we work with a full and diverse portfolio of business owners and organisations. From smaller, ‘one-man-bands’, to large global enterprises. We offer projects based on primarily, photo, video or digital marketing assets. Using our knowledge and experience to craft videos and photographic elements that pack a visual punch. Then combining these assets with the written word to form larger social media campaigns, website content and more.
  • Last, but not least, GPAD releases unique merchandise and branded apparel, dedicated to the passions we explore and the people we meet along the way.