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Welcome to Go Pro After Dark (GPAD). 

GPAD is a creative, storytelling platform, documenting people and their passions using a hybrid of photography, videography and interview styled formats.

We also work ‘one-on-one’ with start-ups and smaller businesses, developing their ventures into CMS websites, social media strategies and creative photography/videography assets.

You will discover many pages that are still Password protected. We apologize for this but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, many of our client projects are on hold and so many areas of the site are still non visible.

GPAD is split into 4 areas


Giving people from a multitude of backgrounds (professional to hobbyist) a platform to tell their story and share their passions to an unfiltered audience.



We’re a little alternative here but we always strive to create high quality, creative and impactful stills, video and more. Not only for ourselves but other small to medium sized businesses. 



We document our progress, the challenges and unique collaborations as we develop. We’re very open about what we do and enjoy documenting ‘BTS’ when possible. We’re the ‘new kid on the block’. Watch us grow!



We feature people for FREE! Why? Because we love to meet new people and explore their passions! Plus it gives us a chance to get creative and experiment with photographic and videographic techniques to use in Client work.

Would you like to be featured?

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The Process

Whether you’re looking to create a new CMS website or want to shoot a range of social media images/videos of your products/services, we take the same 6 step process to ensure smooth communication and workflow. We’re only a small team so we work alongside just a few clients at a time – ensuring we don’t overstretch ourselves and can over deliver on your creative briefs.

*Please Note* – Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Process area as well as many site sections are restricted whilst we finalize current Projects.

GPAD is still open to discuss new Projects via the Get in Touch Page.

Previous Projects

Here’s a selection of previous projects, covering a range of services GPAD offers since we started taking on clients. Take a peek!

Meet the GPAD Team

We’re all UK based and work together to deliver on your chosen Project. We’re formed of freelancers – specialised in particular fields, working in unison for client projects.

Whilst you may not need us all for your Project, we’re here if you do!

We hand on heart love talking to business owners and discovering the passion that drives their products/services forward. That motivation and drive is the main focus of this brand and allows us to structure compelling and nuanced creative digital assets to bring traffic, increase awareness and build a community centered on your product/service. Find out more about us below and contact us on the links if you’d like an informal chat.

Hey! I'm Mark Freeman - Founder of this platform. I have a fascination with meeting passionate people and documenting their interests using creative photography, videography and storytelling. If your looking to work with GPAD on a project, you'll be speaking directly with myself.
Mark Freeman


Hi! I'm Chloe, a professional MUA specialising in makeup artistry and eye lash extensions. I work alongside GPAD to provide professional Makeup Assistant services during any booked fashion/portrait shoots. Visit the link to see some of my work.
Chloe Cannon

Professional MUA

Nice to meet you! I'm Dario, a freelance 3D Animation Artist. I work alongside GPAD to provide 3D GIFs as well as more advanced animations for client projects. I can produce work for your social media or as website assets. Visit the link if you'd like to say hey.
Dario Tondini

3D Animation Artist

Hello! I'm Tegan, a freelance professional Barber & Hair Stylist. I work alongside GPAD to provide hair cuts, styling and touch-ups prior to any booked fashion/portrait projects. Visit the link to see some of my cuts and styles.
Tegan Cooke

Professional Barber & Hair Stylist

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